The Essence of Time

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Time is of the essence as they say. It's true. Everything boils down to how you spend your time. We can't save it for another day. It cannot be rolled over and accumulated. So it must just be spent. Just how does it all get spent?

Today we have far more choices than ever before. In the beginning much less choice was open to the individual. It was hunt, eat, then sleep, in that order. Later they wanted to keep warm and  comfortable. It must have taken some time for recreation to become part of daily life. We can only guess at the time when the individual joined with others to share their load. They then started to allow some time to fight and then later war with each other.

In those primitive times there was little need to work out what to do, one's stomach kept them exactly where they needed to be at any time and what activity they should be doing. Roll the clock on a few million years to today and we find a myriad of displacement activities waiting to take us off the path to individual success.

Today success isn't measured so much as to what goes into the stomach (assuming we are lucky enough not to live in the poorest regions on the earth.) Now we need tools to keep us on the right track to our own personal destinations. So how can you do this?

There are 1,440 minutes to be spent every time the sun goes down.  How much of this time will be spent sleeping and eating? How about working time? This is the modern day equivalent of hunting. We cannot do without sleep. Sure many will argue they need very little but we all need to sleep for some of the time. Eating? Well time for this can probably be reduced for most in western economies.

What about all of your other activities? If you are really hungry to get on top of  time, then work out how much of each day you want to be working and playing and eating, drinking and all other activities. Then box them up and calculate times and even percentages of every day you plan to spend on those things. The results may surprise you. If you do not have a clue how you are spending your time now, then just record it. This is the best way to really see exactly what is going on in your life.

Really if you stop and think about this for a moment this is the only way to really get a grip on your time. If you don't know how you are spending it right now, how on earth can you plan to spend it better and more profitably? So how do you record time? Easy if you go to the site below you can get details of a free single page time recorder. It will print easily on landscape on size A4 and will let you record every bit of time you spend for good or ill at this moment.

Hope this helps.

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The Essence of Time

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This article was published on 2010/04/03