Time Management Through Lists

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When we were recently married my husband used to find my habit of writing down every chore that I must do in a list highly amusing. On my fridge I had a note pad and pen and I would scribble whatever I needed to get or do down on this. Before I set out for my chores I would make separate lists out of this master list. I had a list when I went out vegetable shopping with details of all vegetables and quantities I required. I had a list for all the jobs I wanted the maid to do along with frequency relating to daily, weekly and monthly tasks. I had a list for the items I required from the department store and all the groceries mentioned also had quantities alongside them. You get the idea.

I am by nature quite a compulsive list maker. In my defense I can only say that I am quite a scatterbrain. I can not organize my mind to retain all the information I require instantly and so I take the help of these lists to ensure that I don't waste a trip to the market and to ensure that all I want done gets done. My husband is naturally organized. He can remember all that he requires once he reaches the shop and pick it up. I on the other hand would forget what I came to buy and pick up whatever I see in front of me if I didn't have my list with me.

He tried to get me organized the way he was with some pretty amusing results and so now he lets me be. I make my lists and function accordingly. There is the secret of time management that I follow. Once I have prepared my lists at the beginning of the day I know just what all I must accomplish today and what all can wait a while. My priorities just fall into place the minute I see the chores for the day.

What is even more astonishing is that I manage to get not just what was on priority but also all the other tasks on the list. The main reason for this accomplishment is compartmentalizing my time for the day and dealing with each chore when I am optimally able to. Since I know if I don't finish the task today I will have to repeat it in my list tomorrow, I decide I might as well get it done today and wish it farewell. Thus my natural urge to procrastinate is overcome by my natural urge to laze tomorrow by finishing up all the chores today.

List making may not be for everyone. I hear some people say that making the lists is what wastes the maximum time. They might be like my husband who can naturally organize his lists in his head. So they may not like t make lists. That's fine, as long as you can get the work done today and be happy. So you need to find the system that is right for you. The end goal is using your time optimally to ensure that besides work and chores you get enough time for play and rest.

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Time Management Through Lists

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This article was published on 2010/04/03