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In out fast-paced, modern world, time management is one of those skills that is not at all easily mastered but is oh so desired. It is a truly critical skill if you are inclined to become "successful", that is, doing whatever you want to do while having achieved enormous wealth.

So, what does one need to do in order to effectively improve in the art of time management?

Well, you should do these things RIGHT NOW:

1) Do away with any and all "time wasters" in your life, those things that interrupt you in the midst of being busy and focused which you then spend too much time on but would not choose to do if you had your druthers. Getting rid of such "time wasters" is imperative for successful time management. And what about email? Spending more than a half an hour a day on email is a big no-no. Don't do it (unless of course it happens to be your job). The telephone? If it is your "productive time", you most definitely should not answer the phone more than five times each day because you will merely be sacrificing both efficiency as well as time. You are totally disrupting your productive flow every time you answer the phone, thus killing any reasonable productivity.

Television? Are you kidding? There is no doubt that TV time must be strictly limited for you to master control of your limited time for production and getting things done. My recommendation is no more than one thirty-minute TV show per day, especially if you are not getting all the things done you need or want to. And no reruns!

2) Write out a list of those activities which are genuinely necessary and important for your personal scenario and then just get busy knocking these things off that list by taking immediate action on each and every one. Prioritizing is key to time management: you absolutely must know what you want to accomplish and then just set out and do it. There are so many distractions in the world today; allowing them somehow to become your "priority" for the moment is to sacrifice another opportunity for well-managed time. Here are some steps to follow:

a) Make a list of what you want to complete.

b) Set a time frame within which accomplish each task.

c) Prioritize these tasks from most to least important with most at the top of the list.

d) Develop an action plan to achieve each goal by the end of each respective time frame.

3) Start to really focus on how to manage your time during the course of each day. I repeat, you have to maintain a consistent focus on managing your time. After establishing and prioritizing your goals, then concentrate on just getting these things done. Don't work on anything that is not on your goals list for that day or week or month (and yes, you can have more than one list as long as you have prioritized which list to begin with) until all the tasks on the list are finished. When you rush to take care of every little thing that occurs and end up putting your goals last, you will not be getting anything important done. Don't be a slave to interruptions (as you may well be now), or you will most likely feel that you are never accomplishing enough from moment to moment that can lead to the kind of success you desire.

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Time Management Well Served

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This article was published on 2010/04/03